Best friends big ass booty


Imagine being able to rub and sneak pictures of your best friends big ass booty like this😍

Don’t miss out on the video below!


How does a straight ass guy not mind getting his ass grabbed. What do you guys think of this fat ass?

3 thoughts on “Best friends big ass booty”

  1. Beautiful pics/vid of an amazing butt! As for how a straight guy doesn’t mind being grabbed:

    1. Maybe he’s not as straight as either of you think?

    2. More likely, he likes having his ass played with, which isn’t linked to sexual orientation. I know gay guys who don’t like/don’t get a charge from having their butts played with so it’s not a real link. I’ve read that a common scenario is straight men turning to gay male friends for ass play because they’re too embarrassed to ask their wives/girlfriends for it or have and been rejected. People can be really judgey about anal eroticism… #nerd #TMI

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